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   (Forgot to post this yesterday aaaaa... I wanted to post it here too, specially for the last paragraph. I wrote a long wall of text on tumblr expressing some thoughts, since it was New Years. But I don't think it's that late anyways so... copypaste from here!)

   Hello everyone! I thought, since I almost never talk about stuff but today is New Years, maybe it would be a good opportunity to say some things I wanted to say. You can skip to the last paragraph if you want; there’s something I really want to tell anyone who can read this.

   First of all, this year really went by in a flash. At least that’s what it looks like now, but it’s been… well, a whole year since 2014 began. I used to feel sorry for past years which won’t come again; change is always difficult, but, what are years but human constructs to divide the time we have in regular periods? That’s what it is deep down, but it also means something different for everyone. Was your year good? Was it bad? I don’t think a year can be defined with only one of these words, because both good and bad stuff happens. Just don’t let the bad stuff overshadow the good things.

   About my year… well, I don’t really talk about my personal stuff but I can’t say this year has been better than the previous one. Our economical situation has only gotten worse and bad stuff happens even at this point of the year (I’ve been thinking about starting to take commissions though, once I get ready I’ll probably make a post about it!), but lots of good stuff happened too. I started going to university and found part of what I want to do with my life, drew a lot, watched many series and played lots of games, found many new inspirations, met awesome new people, and I’m slowly defeating my social anxiety and shyness. Even though bad stuff keeps happening, I’m not desperate. I know everything will get better eventually. Life is though, life is hard, and people hide in their shells of strength and seriousness, but hope is important. It’s important not to forget what makes us want to live, what makes us happy.

   And lastly, I have to admit… even though I still have a long way to go, I feel like… I can be a bit more proud of myself. I used to feel very jealous of other artists, and thought I’d never be as good as them. But that’s not the way I think now; the only person I have to surpass is myself, continuously. I have to keep drawing, and by drawing I will improve. I will look back, look at child me, and say, “look at how far you’ve arrived!”. I want to thank that kid I was, who decided to pick up a pencil and start drawing lines in a paper for no apparent reason. That kid who would scribble a bunch of wonky lines and say it was a fish (I used to draw fish a lot!). I can now look at my art and feel proud of it. Because it’s what I create, a unique thing I can offer to the world, which nobody else can do the same way as me. And that applies to everyone else who does art too. All of you, no matter if you draw, make music, write, take photos, dance, sing… anything, nobody else can do it like you. Even if it feels like you’re stuck and that maybe you will never get better; don’t worry. You will. Keep doing what you like to do, and when you look back at past you, tell them to look at you now. Because the first person you have to make proud of you is yourself. Other people’s art doesn’t make me jealous anymore; it inspires me and makes me proud of them too. And all I wish for every other person that creates things, for this next year, and the next, and the next, and all other years that are to come, is for them to be able to feel like this someday. To be proud of themselves, to look at what they make, look at their past selves, and say, “look at how far you’ve arrived… and it’s not over yet”. The best part of feeling we can do better is that we can, in fact, do better. We can keep going, and improve. And do even better than what we do now.

   Happy new year, everyone!! ´ w `

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Hellfire by Hanariku-chan
Had a sudden urge to draw Rin today… and I am super surprised and happy with the result??? I think I’m going to color drawings like this more often ;vvv;

Tumblr post:…
Cynthia by Hanariku-chan
This was a secret santa present for :iconfirelaguz:!! It was also my first time drawing Cynthia. ´w`

Tumblr post:…
Saeta by Hanariku-chan
Must keep practicing backgrounds! Saeta might be appearing in one of my stories in the future.

Tumblr post:…
It Rains by Hanariku-chan
It Rains
Decided to post a bunch of doodles I haven't shown here yet!
This is Zashiki-onna, and her story will remain kept in the box of pending stories, for now.

Tumblr post:…

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Hanariku!! Soy Lexa! Hace mucho que no hablamos, era para comentarte si podría contactar contigo por algún sitio (FB, Skype...) porque este año estoy montando otro grupal de Touhou para el Salón del Manga (el viernes) y es por si querías participar! (sigo diciendo que flipaba con tu cosplay de Sariel, que por cierto, he de comentarte una cosa sobre ese cosplay y cosas de arte también...)
Hanariku-chan Featured By Owner Aug 7, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist

Hola!! cuánto tiempo! *v*

Por supuesto! De facebook no tengo, pero el skype si acaso te lo envío ahora mismo por privado, y así me cuentas todo cuando ya me hayas agregado. :’DD

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Yato (Sneaky Bad Neko) [V1] 
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You're welcome!
I'm sure I will! :'DD
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Gracias por el fav ^^
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I can't believe I found you just now amg----
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Yay, now I've got you here too! *v*
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XD Thank you-- and congrats as well! Yessss, senpai noticed us lolololol--
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